Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Ok! {Week 8}

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK!! be missing cable (HGTV, Teen Mom, Real Housewives). add my fav TV show premiers to my calendar with alerts. (New Criminal Minds, SVU & The Amazing Race this week!) miss my dad terribly when I hear a great guitar solo. He could rock out like no other! be sad that I'm not going to Blissdom.

...that I don't like (or understand) Google Reader. I know, I'm like the only blogger to ever say this. be hesitant to enter blog giveaways because the last few you've won never sent the items. :( wish our anniversary wasn't during a holiday weekend. We always have to celebrate the week before or after. Boo. constantly check the Erin Condren Facebook page for more pictures. I just love looking at all of her products!! (oh and go enter Our Little Urban Life's Erin Condren giveaway!!...well not really, because I want to win!) keep snacks in your car because you live 235068068 minute away from everything. (I don't do this yet but I'm going to start asap!)


Jennifer said...

That is SO wrong. People don't send their winners the prizes of the giveaways? I always do right away!

Unknown said...

Say what?! You haven't gotten giveaways you won?! NOT COOL.

I'm sad you're not going to Blissdom :(

Holly said...

I don't really understand Google reader either, actually...I've never tried it. I just log onto Blogger. Oh well!

P!nky said...

What a bummer you didn't get your winnings! That makes giveaways sad :(!

I keep snacks in the car because I'm always hungry...that might be bad!

Happy thursday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday! I am visiting from Brunch With Amber!

I promise to fill you in on the Season Finale of Teen Mom next Tuesday!

I am also super excited about fall television. Glee, NCIS, Dexter, House, the Mentalist!! Woo Woo!

Kelly said...

I don't like Google Reader either. I just read the blogs listed on the sidebar of my blog. It's a lot less stressful that way!! I'm so sorry you've been burned by giveaways, that is crap!! And my gawd... I was STARVING yesterday on my way home from work and NEEDED something to eat. I actually thought about having a stash of stacks for those times, but I KNOW that I would just mindlessly eat them when I really don't need them! :-P

Vicki said...

I don't like Google Reader either, and I also send TV show premiers to my phone with alerts ... I am 2 disks behind Criminal Minds and then I can start watching the new season and be all caught up and can watch the new season (I DVR'd it and saving till I'm seen all the episodes) ... I know I'm slightly insane LOL :)

jessica said...

what tha hell, that is messed up they haven't sent your prizes. ugh! i hate that for ya, girl.

i feel ya about your anniversary. my birthday is always during spring break so everyone is always out of town..

cute blog.

Amber said...

That is SO messed up that you didn't receive your giveaway winnings, I'm sorry friend :( I wish you were going to Blissdom! I stayed away from google reader for the longest.. it was an adjustment for sure but now I love it and wonder how I read blogs before ;)

Neely said...

Im super sads you arent going to blissdom! :(

Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights said...

I don't understand Google Reader either (actually, I really don't even know what it is ... haha!)!!! And I completely understand the calender alerts... it is definitely a must to make sure you don't miss anything! :)

Happy Thursday! Love your blog!!! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

Suze said...

Awe when's your anniversary?

I totally get about the giveaways, I never got one I won too! Annoying!

Totally get living far away and having snacks in the car!
Granny would do that for me always !

Wiz said...

That stinks about giveaways! I have won I think three now and have always been sent the gift. And I dont usually use google reader either.

Ashley said...

I don't do Google Reader either. I tried it one day and it scared me, so I went back to Blogger dashboard!

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