Monday, September 26, 2011

Madi Moment Monday: Pumpkin Edition

Last night we decided to let Madi paint the little pumpkin her grandma bought for her. I was super excited because she's only painted once and that was with her GiGi.

Madi loved painting. She did a great job too! Picture overload below.

The Madi Moment today is a great one.

Me - "Do you like painting?"
Madi - "It's my best first day to paint."

Uh, ok. :)


Unknown said...

She did a great job! So cute :)

Kelly said...

Eeeee!! SO cute :-D What a GREAT FIRST DAY to paint ;-D

Anonymous said...

I love the pumpkins eyebrows!!

Erin said...

Such a cutie!! The eyebrows on that pumpkin are too funny!

Suze said...

Maid did awesome painting her pumpkin! I love these madi moments! Always makes my Monday better! Well puts a smile on my face!

My mom is called GiGi too! I haven't heard it used much though ! but it's cute name I think or hip instead of 'grandma' lol

erica said...

Oh my how cute and how much fun!


Life With Lauren said...

She did such a great job and is adorable as always:)

Mandee said...

I just have to say, she is going to love reading this blog when she is older! she cracks me up!

Michelle said...

So cute! She is adorable!

Amber said...

Such a cutie! She did a great job!

Kristen Thornburg said...

Oh my gracious!! She is So cute!!!

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