Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Smuesday

Just a little randomness for this fine Tuesday...

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  • Eating a monster bag and a normal size bag of cotton candy in less than 24 hours is completely acceptable.
  • I'm officially no longer a natural. :( The highlights I got a while back grew out and looked horrendous so I got my hair colored on Friday night. It's darker than my normal color. Idk if I like it. I am sad yet happy the tackiness is gone.
  • My sweet friend's baby shower was beautiful! Can't wait to meet her baby girl in a few months! 
  • Updated my iPhone to the iOS 5 and lost all my apps and all my music. Yes, yes I did back up my phone first. Idk what happened and my mac-genius of a husband won't help. :( 
  • That being sad, iOS 5 is pretty awesome.
  • Boss's Day was yesterday. I hope you wished your boss a great one! 
  • My daughter wants a blueberry cake for her birthday. Does that exist?! 
I think that's all I have. What are your thoughts on this fabulous Tuesday? 


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really celebrate Boss's Day? LOL...does anybody like their boss well enough to celebrate it?? :)

Try this recipe for Blueberry cake.. I've made it a gazillion times and love it!!


Unknown said...

I love that she wants a blueberry cake! :)

Bummed you lost your apps and music :(

I think your hair looks good!

And cotton candy is always perfectly acceptable ;)

Amber said...

Blueberry cake? Madi's got good taste! that sounds amazing :) P.S. Eating a ton of cotton candy is totally acceptable. I love it!

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