Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things You Do Not Know...

I just want to say THANK YOU to all of you uplifting, supportive comments on my post about our mission trip. Your prayers and sweet comments really mean the world to me and I am so thrilled to be sharing this part of my life with y'all! Please continue to spread the word!

Jes over at My Happily Ever After gave me a blog award! It's my favorite kind too. She must know me well - the kind where I get to talk about myself. Woot! Thanks Jes!!

Now I am supposed to tell y'all 7 things about myself and then pass it on to 15 bloggers.

Fun! But I don't know if I can come up with 7 *new* things. I've already told y'all 100 things! I shall try. Here we go!
  • I'm an extremely independent person. I can almost always get everything done by myself and I don't like asking for help. I didn't used to be this way but once you marry a military man, you just have to learn how to be independent!! It has made me stronger though so I love it!
  • I'm completely and utterly socially awkward. I always say the wrong thing, am ignored, or just misunderstood. I tend to avoid social events whenever possible. I hate being invisible and this is how I seem to come across. I'm just not a loud, look at me person unless I'm around my closest friends and sometimes this makes people assume I'm snobby. I'm not, I promise!
  • I will not put up Christmas things before Thanksgiving. It's disrespectful to the Pilgrims!!
  • I threw away my daughter's art because it has cotton balls on it. She'll forgive me, I hope.
  • I haven't seen the last Twilight movie. No, not Breaking Dawn, the one before that. Shame, I know.
  • I eat lunch everyday at 11:30. I can't wait any longer. I am always SO hungry by then and I even eat breakfast!
  • I just realized I missed Criminal Minds & SVU last week. This is going to be a late night. BYE!
Ohhhh. The bloggers I give this award to are....dun, dun, dun:

Amber @ Brunch with Amber -- because she likes to talk about herself as much as I do! ;)
Lindsey @ Running Down A Dream - because she's my bloggy BFF. Oh and I took off the captcha's Linds. You're welcome! :)

and anyone else who wants to do it! Let me know if you do so I can come read your answers!



Tami said...

I can't believe I finally found someone else with a phobia of cotton balls. I hate hate hate them and refuse to touch them! When I open medicine I always have to get someone else to take the cotton out!

Tami said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chamley said...

I am so excited about y'alls trip to Kenya. I hope to go on a mission trip one day. I eat lunch at 11:30 too. I hope we get to see y'all this Saturday!

Unknown said...

Thank you! And thanks for taking off captcha!! :-)

And putting up Christmas decorations does not insult the pilgrims! We can celebrate them both. Besides, Jesus trumps pilgrims ;-)

Amber said...

Yaaay! You're the best :)

I feel like I'm socially awkward too.. we can be awkward together, haha!

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