Friday, December 2, 2011

Birthday Weekend: Part 2

Sunday was Madi's actual birthday so I woke up early and fixed her chocolate chip pancakes! She had never had them before but liked them a lot. We went to church and then out to lunch with Pop!

Birthday girl ready for church!

Pop & Madi T at our fav place, Lizard's Thicket

After lunch we met up with Justin's parents and her cousin at the zoo! Madi absolutely loves the zoo. It is her second favorite place to go (Monkey Joe's being the first). We had a great time!

I just adore this picture! 

Being a gorilla!

Her first pony ride!!! (too bad daddy cut off the pony's head!)
I may or may not have cried while she was riding the pony all by herself! 
I was so proud of her for riding it. Last time we tried she wouldn't put on the helmet or go on the pony since J & I couldn't go with her. She's really growing up!! 

After the zoo we went home so she could play with her new toys. Justin and I got her a color magna doodle, a veterinarian kit (this is what she wants to be when she's grows up...this week!), squinkies and a squinkie van, and a Barbie guitar.  

Look out Britney - you've got competition!

And because you all need a good laugh every day...check out this cake I made...hahahhaahaaaa...
The world's ugliest cake!

Madi's birthday was so much fun. I'm so glad we got to celebrate with family. She is truly growing up to be a caring, funny, smart little lady. She loves Jesus and her family and that's all I could ever ask for! 


Venessa said...

She's SOOOOO grown up! I love the headless pony pic too :)

Erin said...

Gah, she is just so adorable! I love that red dress she wore to church and Lizard's Thicket is always a good choice!

Glad you enjoyed her birthday. And, it's ok if you cried when she rode that pony. I've decided moms are allowed those moments :)

Jamie said...

Aww. Happy birthday. She is so cute!

Martha said...

Just had to say, that BY FAR, is not the ugliest cake ever. I promise because there have been many ugly ones in my past! Happy Birthday Madi!

★ JASMINE ★ said...

Oh my goodness! That cake looks absolutely delicious!!

How did your little one like it?

Just wanted to stop by and shoot you a comment - saying hello!

I'm a new blogger, and am coasting through beautiful blogs such as your own!

Keep up the great posts! I'll def. check back and save you to my list <3


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