Friday, February 10, 2012

FQF: I got nothing.

I am SO happy it is Friday. This has been such a long week. We have NO plans this weekend except for church, of course. I'm super thrilled to do nothing!!!

FQF time!

1. How often do you shave your legs in the winter? About once a week, at least. I can't stand to have hairy legs!!

2. Valentine's Day cards for your spouse: funny or romantic? A little of both? I bought the cheap $1 cards at Target this year. :)

3. What are you most looking forward to about spring? Days at the playground with M! She is finally at the age where she can (and will) play by herself and I can relax. :)

4. What's your favorite way to pamper yourself? Pedicures!!! I've only ever had two or three but it's a nice thought. :) Honestly, just getting to stay up late by myself makes me happy.

5. Does your tax return go into savings or do you spend it instantly? Well, in the past we have spent it on needless things and maybe one bill. This year it is ALL going to bills. I'm excited about it too! We are (very) slowly working towards getting out of debt!

This is a great Friday for the movies! The new Denzel Washington movie & The Vow come out!!!


erica said...

Didn't Target have such cute dollar cards though! I am kind of hooked on their cards now! The hubby and I are looking for a house so I believe we will be falling into some serious amounts of debt - not to mention we are already in debt because of my student loans.... it's so tough isnt it! xo

Unknown said...

We are paying off debt this year as well. One of these years we will be able to just blow it but for now we decrease the debt. Slowly but surely!
*Found you from Five Question Friday!*

Tami AKA My Kid's Mom said...

It will be nice when you are debt free and can spend it on whatever you want!

Neely said...

We do one of each funny and romantic and this year I made are so pricey! Wish I had known target had 1 dollar ones!

Life With Lauren said...

I love my time to myself late at night!

Angie said...

Staying up late by myself is one of my guilty little pleasures too!

Meghan said...

My tax return always goes to the bank. Boring but necessary I suppose! :)

Unknown said...

Did you end up seeing one of the movies? I love pedis, too, but haven't had many!

Rachel said...

Both of those movies look good! I left you a little award on my blog this morning.

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