Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet Me!

Hi! I’m Brittan - a babbling brunette. :) It’s true, I do love to talk. I blog about many random things: food, my sweet toddler, God & my church, books, girls’ nights, and anything else I can think of!

I love to read.
I love to watch reality TV.
I love sweettarts.
I love God.
I love all things purple.
I love the smell of vanilla extract.
I love my daughter’s laugh.
I love my friendships.
I love twitter.
I love wearing t-shirts.
I love snail mail.
I love my church.

I do not love crowds.
I do not love birds or cats.
I do not love anything with feathers.
I do not love vegetables.
I do not love Twilight.
I do not love working out.
I do not love the smell of cilantro.
I do not love St. Patrick’s Day.
I do not love mean people.
I do not love mobile versions of blogs.

:) I hope you all have a fantastic Monday. Thanks for stopping by!!

You can find out more about me by clicking on my 100 Things on my navigation bar or by clicking the “about me” label on the left!


Neely said...

You are so cute! Love that picture!

Allison said...

I swear Google doesn't want me to follow your blog! I tried unfollowing and following again, I hope it works this time!

Unknown said...

I do love Twilight and cats... And you! :)

Tariro/Tapiwa said...

I love your blog!

Life With Lauren said...

Love that picture! I am right there with you with not loving crowds or working out!

Ashley said...

Great picture! Very cute :-)

I've been following for awhile, I just never really comment, not sure why? I'll start commenting more often, though!

Unknown said...

Awesome blog!!!

That picture is way cute..I am your newest follower!!


Unknown said...

I love it! Super cute, Brittan!

Kristin Young said...

Oh my lanta, we should be friends. Done posting long comments now, but I'm officially a new follower. Come on over if you need any teaching tidbits for your sweet baby girl! ;)

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