Monday, March 5, 2012

Madi Moment Monday: Growing Up

The weather here has been so nice lately! Madi and I have been going to the playground every weekend. It's crazy what a difference a year can make - she is now able to play on the playground by herself and is really fearless!

This afternoon we checked out a new playground. It was so much fun! 

She climbed this thing like it was nothing!! 

So much fun!!

At the top of the slide! 

She also tackled this on her own. I was super nervous but she did so good! She's super independent!

It probably seems silly to some that I'm so excited but she's just growing up so fast and I love how brave she is!

We had a great afternoon and then had more fun at church! 

More proof that she's growing up - Madi said her first cuss word today. GASP. I was not a happy mom!! Tonight, she asked me if she could have cookies. I said no and she replied with "oh damn." NOOOOO. Those words did not come out of my baby!!! Justin and I were so shocked. Neither of us cuss so I'm not real sure where she picked that up. I guess it was bound to happen but man, I didn't expect it this soon!! 

Hope you all have a great Monday!


Angie said...

I remember when my daughter said her first cuss word. I literally had to pick my jaw up off of the floor. It's all part of the learning/growing process.

Jenna // The Life of the Wife said...

Ok I am NOT ready for when my little baby says a cuss word! At least you handled it well (right?) :)

She is too cute though!!


Neely said...

Oh my! Haha she is a cutie :)

Unknown said...

At least you know it didn't come from y'all :)

That slide looks like ALL KINDS of fun (is this the one from the video?)! haha

Mandee said...

she is getting so big! So cute!

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