Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend was super busy and super fun!

Saturday afternoon Madi and I went to church so I could help in the nursery for one of the Easter services.  After church we met Morgan for dinner at one of my favorite cheese fry places - Carolina Ale House! It had been way too long since we saw Morgan. We had a great dinner & then Morgan came to spend the night with us. Morgan and I stayed up "late" (for us - 10:30pm!) watching a movie, but mostly catching up. I just love spending time with her! 

Sunday, Easter morning, Madi opened her Easter basket and then Morgan & I went to the early service at church. Church was wonderful! The music was very moving and just wonderful and the message was great too. My Easter morning was off to a great start...but as I've mentioned before, holidays are not my favorite because with my family, there is almost always drama. This year was no exception; however, my brother and I made the best of it and all was okay! 

After lunch on Sunday Justin & I took Madi to the playground and then went home for some lazy time. M & I had sore throats so it was what we needed!

The pictures are probably more fun to look at than reading this so here ya go:

The Easter Bunny came!

She gets a swimsuit every year in her Easter basket.

The girls on Easter Sunday.

Daddy & Madi

Matt, my brother, and me. I made him smile.


Unknown said...

I love Madi's face in the picture with Justin - so cute! I also love how the basket is outside. Does the bunny put it there every year or on a different place? I also love her expression looking at her swimsuit. I want to hug her!

Angie said...

Sounds like a nice Easter weekend! Madi's Easter basket was so cute :)

Shari said...

Madi is growing into such a little lady. So cute. Glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend. :)

Ashley said...

Looks like a great Easter - I like the swimsuit idea!

Life With Lauren said...

Sounds like a wonderful easter and I love the easter basket that she has! Hope you are both feeling better.

Unknown said...

Madi's Easter dress is adorable!

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