Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometimes & Always #1

I'm linking up with Mackey Madness today!

Sometimes: I say I’m going to paint the playroom thhiiisss weekend.
Always: I change my mind and put it off again!

Sometimes: I dream of being the skinny-minnie I used to be.
Always: I indulge in chocolate, candy, and junk food.

Sometimes: I wish we still lived in Alaska.
Always: I know we’d miss our families, church, jobs, and friends too much to move.

Sometimes: I think I could watch tv all day long!
Always: I realize that would not be good for me so I get my butt up and do stuff…most of the time!

Sometimes: I think my daughter can’t get any smarter.
Always: She proves me wrong!

Sometimes: I say I’m going to quit drinking diet coke.
Always: I cave and drink it again. :) (I really want a sodastream! Has anyone tried them?! Are they good?!)


Christina said...

I love the format of this post! I want a soda stream too!

Haley Wishall said...

I linked up with Megan today, too!

And I go through the same dilemma with eating junk food but still wanting to have my high school body...oh well! :)

What's a sodastream?!

Nikki said...

You lived in Alaska? How cool was that? I've never been but would love to go. Is everything spaced out like it is portrayed?

Erin said...

You lived in Alaska?! Too cool! But I'm with you, I'd miss my family too much!

Heather (GurleeGirrl) said...

My bff has Sodastream and I LOVE it. He has convinced me it's healthier than Diet Coke (my addiction) and I really like the different flavors - #1 Diet Pink Grapefruit and #2 Diet Orange. SO Good. I really want to try Diet Cranberry Raspberry too. I'm not a fan of just the Diet Cola.

Unknown said...

I want to be my skinny self, too! Oh well :)

I think you're beautiful just the way you are!

Amanda said...

I found your blog through Megan's link-up! I love it :)
I'm your newest follower!
Can't wait to read more from you!

Angie said...

I can totally realte to this post!
Our playroom needs painted desperately. It's my daughters old bedroom & now my son uses it for a playroom. It's purple, poor boy!

I hear ya on being a skinnie minnie but continuing to induldge. I do the same. I just can't help myself. If I could kick the soda habit, it would definitely help :)

Hope your having a nice Tuesday!

Gail@Sophisticated Steps said...

Well, considering it took me over a year to finish painting one wall in my remodeled kitchen, I can't exactly say "girl, go pick up that paintbrush"...but seeing how after I fiiiiiiinally painted and said "duh, why did I wait so long?"...then I can say "girl, go pick up that paint brush". Lol. Seriously...do it and you'll feel better. Besides, one more thing to cross off your list (though I don't recall it being on your "27 Before 27" list. Haha. Yeah...I scoped that out. ;)

Laughed about you wishing you lived in Alaska again. (Um, how cool is that? No pun intended. ;) Lol.)
I linked with Megan today (love that chica) and mentioned moving out of Miami....b/c I say that A LOT! :)

Cute blog. Think I'm gonna need to follow. ;)

Yeah. It's confirmed. :)

P.S. You should know...I use lots of :) and ;) and ....'s. AND I tend to leave very random and non-boring comments. It's just how I roll. ;)

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