Monday, April 2, 2012

Madi Moment Monday: Words of Wisdom

Happy Monday everyone! This is going to be one of my favorite Madi Moment Monday's ever.

Sunday, after church, I asked Madi what she learned. She told me she learned that "Jesus died for me." Hearing her say those words, with a smile on her face, and knowing she knows the meaning of those words just makes me the happiest, proudest mom ever.

Justin talked to her more about it and she told me later that Jesus died for her so she could go to heaven and He died for the bad things we do. Wow! It is powerful reading it in the Bible but hearing it from a 3 year old is just a whole new level!

I am so thankful for a church that teaches kids about Jesus while making it exciting and fun! Madi's favorite place to go is church and she wants to tell everyone about it. How cool is that? If you live in South Carolina, I encourage you to take your kids and yourself to a NewSpring service. You won't regret it!!

Well, that's my MMM for the week. Truly one of the best!!

What things did your kids say this week?


Angie said...

You must be so proud!

Unknown said...

Love this!!! Last night, McK prayed, "thank you for Bryan coming to church and becoming a Christian." we have some awesome girls! I wish we lived closer. Love you both!!!!

Life With Lauren said...

She is such an amazing, sweet and beautiful girl you must be so proud! You are such a wonderful mom!

Sarah said...

Precious!!! You've got a smart little girl ;)

Amber said...

What a wonderful MMM! You should be so proud :) You're a good mama!

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