Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Wedding

Saturday night Justin's sister got married! Justin and I have only been to one other wedding since we got married in 2006. We tend to avoid them since we didn't have one - I guess it all just makes me sad and makes me wish I got to wear a beautiful white dress. One day!!

Of course, we wouldn't have missed his sister's wedding though. She looked beautiful!! The wedding was a small, intimate, outdoor wedding with a reception dinner. It was very nice and just perfect for them!

We were seated at a table with Justin's brothers and a few other people. The seating arrangement couldn't have been better. We all had a blast laughing and joking all evening. They had mad libs at every table for us to fill out about the couple. Those were so fun to read!! I don't think I've laughed that hard in months!

Thanks Lindsey, for letting me borrow the dress! 

Love the yellow!!

My nephews (the ushers & ring bearer) looked adorable in their suspenders and chucks!

The married couple! 

This pretty much depicts how we are all the time.

Told ya!

So glad I could be part of their special day! We had a great time!!


Angie said...

Looks like a lovely wedding & a wonderful time. Love the suspenders & chucks, too adorable.
You look amazing in that dress :)

Anonymous said...

So cute! I just LOVE your dress!

Keep Shining,

Nikki said...

That dress looks so cute on you. I'm loving it.

Nikki said...

That dress looks so cute on you. I'm loving it.

Nikki said...

That dress looks so cute on you. I'm loving it.

Lisa said...

I love your dress - so pretty! And I totally understand about you not wanting to attend weddings since you didn't get your own with the white gown and all. My husband and I got married by a judge in October 2002 and in October 2005 (our actual original wedding day!) we got to do the white gown and all that jazz with our family and friends. ^_^ I hope you will get the chance to do that someday too!

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