Thursday, June 14, 2012

Currently, Week 1

I know I already posted today, but I'm the only one in my house awake right now so why not blog??

I'm linking up with Jenn!

current book:
I'm not reading anything right now. My next book, though, will be The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain.

current playlist:
boyfriend - justin bieber
two black cadillacs - carrie underwood
awakening - chris tomlin

current color:
loving green right now. i'm over pink.

current food/drink:
i'm obsessing over freeze pops now that it's hot outside. i realize i'm not 5...

current favorite show:
prison break (thanks netflix) & pretty little liars

current needs:
a maid. and money to pay said maid. 

current banes of my existence:
people who talk about themselves.non.freaking.stop.

current celebrity crush:
wentworth miller. omgah. you know, from prison break.

current #1 blessing:
my sweet, loving daughter. i always feel so blessed to be her mother.

current indulgence:
all day has been an indulgence for me. i've eaten way too much junk. those chick-fil-a cookie sundaes are going straight to my thighs!

current outfit:
i just got this new dress from Kohl's. i love it. (mine is orange)

current excitement:
well, it was going to see Lindsey this weekend but hubby & madi are sick. we may or may not go, depending on how they feel in the morning. :-/

current mood:
exhausted and my throat is starting to hurt. :(

current favorite quote or verse:
i always love Phil 4:13

current wish list item:
clothes, just in general. i need new ones!

currenty favorite product:
biore pore unclogging scrub face wash - love it.

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Victoria said...

wentworth miller is so good looking, i watched prison break when it was on years ago and fell "in lust" with him ever since :)

i just read the good father and rather enjoyed it; one of diane's better novels i think.

great list!

Jennifer @ Six One Four said...

I agree.. freeze pops are good, especially the blue one!

Unknown said...

Hope you can come!!!!!!

Green is one of my favorite colors!

Life With Lauren said...

Hope everyone is feeling better and you still get to make the trip! Love the dress you got! Love Carrie Underwood but I don't think I could listen to Bieber. Love freeze pops a summer must:)

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