Thursday, July 5, 2012

I am a snob.

There are a few things in life that I am incredibly particular about. So much so, that I'd classify myself as a snob in regards to these things. Here is my snob list. I want to know yours!

I am a hotel snob. This one is huge. I cannot/will not stay in a nasty hotel, and by nasty I mean a place that's not super nice. Justin and I have been known to get to a hotel, see it and request our money back. Yes, we are those people. We've even gone so far as to drive an extra 2 hours because we couldn't find a decent enough hotel. And if we don't have the money to stay some where really nice, we just don't go!

I am a tampon snob. I don't care how broke I am, I will never buy anything other than Playtex or Tampax. I'm sorry, but I'm not sticking cardboard up my who hah. That's just not okay. Spend the extra $$ and get the good stuff girls. Side note: being a tampon snob is a huge hindrance when snagging one from a  friend.

I am an ice cream snob. I asked my mom to bring me ice cream recently. She showed up with some off brand kind from the grocery store. It was the worst ice cream I'd ever had. Madi didn't even like it!! I stick with Edy's/Dreyer's (why are they called different things in different states?!). I will venture to Mayfield and B&J but that's about it. I know my ice cream, too y'all. I eat it every other every night.

I am a flip flop snob. I have tried buying cheaper flip flops to wear to the beach or the pool. I cannot stand them! They hurt my feet and just don't even feel like shoes. I have to stick with my Rainbows. You can keep the same pair for a few years, so I make the investment. I think a lot of you will agree with me on this one.

I am a Mac snob. I despise PCs. Seriously. I keep asking the IT guys at work to switch to Macs but I don't think that's going to happen anytime ever. I'm convinced that people who say they don't like Macs/Apple products, have never tried them. Macs are SO much easier to use than PCs and hello, no viruses! I love me some Apple products!

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What are you snobby about? Anything you refuse to buy off-brand? Places you refuse to go? I want to know!


Mosby Hardin said...

Oh my I felt like I was reading about all the things I am a snob about! Loved this post!!

Rorie said...

Ohhh hotel one is my big one, my work always tries to send us to cheaper ones, I pay out of pocket!

Brianna Tucker said...

I am such a hotel snob. If you can walk up the stairs and get a door I am not staying!!!I will only use Tampax tampons. I believe the others don't work and I am not putting something you know where that cost $3?!?!?! I am worth more than that.

I am the same with airplanes... Discount airfare??? what else are discounting your parts.. no thanks I want to live :)

TayloreJazmine said...

Im looking for someone to write a guest post for my blog. Check me out if you are at all interested! Spread the word! Cheers!


katmcd said...

Hotels! Such a good one. Shoes, I rather invest then have ones that get ruined quickly. Running sneakers. Iphones over Blackberries.

Micah said...

This entry cracked me up.

I pretty much only use Tresemme hair products and Crest toothpaste. And I'll only eat Heinz ketchup.

But I think that's the extent of my "snobbery," or as I like to call it -- knowing what I like and not being sorry about it. :)

Mandee said...

I am a snob about spray tanning. I will NOT go to a regular mystic or versa, those things have all these weird chemicals! I go to an organic place that is really expensive but I am not putting that stuff on my skin, I will put organic walnut mixture on my skin though, and have someone hand spray me so it's not blotchy!
I also invest in good sports bras! I will not wear a cheap-o one, gotta protect my goods! haha.

I love your list, it's so funny!

Angie said...

Definitely Definitely Definitely agree with you on being a tampon too!!!

Alisa Marie said...

Cute blog! I totally agree with you on the Hotel Snob! I've stayed at a few dumps in my time and saving $50 WAS NOT worth it! I will never stay in a disgusting hotel again :)

Hope you have a good weekend! I'm a new follower!

Amber said...

LOVE this! I am definitely the same with hotels. I can't stand staying at one that isn't "well-known" and always the tampons. I will only use playtex, but you're right - it's hard when you're bummin' from a friend, haha!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to get a MacBook! And I've never had rainbows - I love my ll bean flip flops!

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