Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WILW: Summertime and other things...

  • I'm loving Ashley's vlog she did with her husband! Hilarious!
  • I'm loving the amazing, wonderful things happening at Gauntlet 2012!! Life change is happening - students are meeting Christ and their lives will never be the same! (Gauntlet is a trip our church youth take every year to Daytona Beach, FL.)

image via

  • I'm loving pinterest. Yes, I know. Duh, but I haven't been on there in a while and I'm finding some neat things I missed before!
  • I'm loving my husband and daughter. <3 They make me so, so happy.

  • I'm loving summer time. I've never really enjoyed laying out until this year. Something about the heat lately just totally relaxes me! 
  • I'm loving this new jewelry. So, so pretty.
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  • And as always, I'm loving Jesus Christ and am so thankful for everything He has blessed me with!
What are you loving this Wednesday? 


Christina said...

your necklace matches my bracelet!!

Life With Lauren said...

Great things that your loving! Love the pic of the two of them so sweet! Pinterest I always love!

Unknown said...

I want one of those necklaces! SO pretty!

Tiffany said...

Love that necklace. Your daughter is adorable!

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