Monday, August 6, 2012

Madi Moment & An Announcement!

Ohhhhh Monday. I do not love you. But I am thankful to be alive and kickin! :) I am also pretty happy that I start my new hours at work today. I'm now working 9am-6pm. At first, the thought of getting off at 6 was horrifying but I don't get home until 6:30 now because of traffic so I figure I'll only be getting home about 30 minutes later. Plus, Madi is NOT a morning person so I'm hoping the later start will help her too. :)

ANYWAY! On to my favorite subject for Monday: Madi Moments! But first - I want to open this up to you all. I've been contemplating this for a year or so and I've decided to just go with it. I'm going to start a link-up next week called "Toddler Talk Tuesdays" for anyone (not just mamas!) who wants to link up and tell everyone what funny/shocking/silly things your kids, friend's kids, nieces, nephews, etc. said that week. I love to keep up with the things Madi says and I find my blog to be a great way to do that and entertain y'all too. :) So, I hope y'all will link-up next week!

This week was a fun one...

Madi: "Mommy, can we watch a complicated movie? Like Ratatoille?" 
Me: "What's complicated mean?"
Madi: "Like a movie we know, but it's different." 

hrrmmm...okay Madi. :)

Also, her word for imagination is "magic-a-nation." Makes sense to me!

And this is my favorite. I just seriously love this:


Unknown said...

Love the link up! I'll be participating for sure. :)

Madi is hilarious! magic-a-nation makes perfect sense. :)

Jessica Moore said...

Next week it will be stripes! hahah I love her! Enjoy those new hours!!

Life With Lauren said...

Good luck with your new hours! She is so adorable and says the cutest things!

Unknown said...

I love her words and comments :) I can't see the video at work, so I'll have to check later!!

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