Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mommy/Daughter Day!

Friday I took the day off of work to give myself a nice long birthday weekend. Madi and I spent the day together and it was so much fun! It started off a bit rocky with numerous temper tantrums but once those were over it was good times. :)

I took her to get her hair cut at a new kid's salon. She really enjoyed sitting in the big girl chair and getting her hair and nails done.

Pretty hair!

Afterwards we had lunch at McAlister's where they have "the best mac & cheese ever," said Madi. (They really do; it was delish!)

It was a special day. She got her own sweet tea. (1/2 water but shhhhh)

My new favorite picture of us. I LOVE her smile here.

After lunch we went to my work to say goodbye to my co-worker whose last day was Friday. Madi loves going to my work and had fun playing in my desk chair and eating cake. We had fun talking to all my friends there too. :)

I really cherish the memories we made on Friday and am so blessed to have such a sweet little girl! I love my Madi T more every single day! 


Amber said...

What a wonderful day!! I love the pic of you two - both so cute!!

Shari said...

Aw! I love that you did this. I'm sure Ms. Madi will remember it forever. Such a sweet photo of you two! :)

Mandee said...

this is so sweet! I love you and your baby!

Unknown said...

How Fun! Your little girl is darling.

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