Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday, Week 1

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Toddler Talk Tuesday

Toddler Talk Tuesday is a place where you can share all the crazy, funny, shocking, silly things that toddlers (or older kids) say! I enjoy sharing with y'all and it's also a great place to archive all the things I want to remember.

So on with it!

Madi stated that she tooted. I said "Madi!" and her response: "I gotta let it out sister!" HA!!!!! I cracked up! Where does she get this stuff????

We were discussing where Heaven is and I told her that it is in the sky past the clouds. She said "can we take an airplane to get there?" I said no, not at airplane. "A helicopter?" no, not that either. "A frog?" :) I love her sense of humor.

And her new favorite saying: "You know me!" (when I ask her questions like what she wants to watch on TV/eat/etc.)

What note-worthy things did you hear kids say this week (or ever)?


Unknown said...

That is such a cute picture! And the tooting comment cracks me up!

Amber said...

Hysterical!! Kids are so funny!!

Life With Lauren said...

She says the funniest things! Love the picture adorable as always!

Nikki said...

This has to be my new favorite series. I love it! We might need a vlog here soon.

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