Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Giveaway!

Who loves Friday? Who loves free stuff? Oh goody because today is Friday and I can give you a chance to win something free! :)

My sweet friend Kelleen sells Amway products. Amway is awesome! It's a huge variety of things - nutrition to beauty to bath & body! Here are just a few of my favorite items that Kelleen sells:

Legacy of Clean - This is an all-natural multipurpose cleaner. I love buying one product for many uses!

Artistry Essentials Balancing Cleanser Combination - to - Oily Skin - I have horrible skin. I'm willing to try ANYTHING to fix it and this brand ranks up there with the most recommended. 

Nutrilite Fruits & Vegetables 2Go Twist Tubes - Everyone knows I hate vegetables. I'm sure as soon as my mom sees this she's going to buy me like 50 boxes. Pour one tube into your water and you've got a tasty drink and two servings of fruits & veggies for the day! 

And Kelleen's best seller - 

XS Energy Drink - Zero carbs and sugar-free!

She is giving away a CASE of XS Energy Drink, flavor of your choice!! 

Here is the description from the site: XS® Energy Drink uses a proprietary blend of premium ingredients infused with powerful B vitamins to boost your energy for a refreshing new focus on the day.

There are 12 different flavors, 2 are caffeine-free! So, how do you win a case of this?? Enter below through RaffleCopter and the winner will be announced next week!


Unknown said...

The tropical blast sounds great!

Unknown said...

The twist tubes also look interesting.

Life With Lauren said...

The Wild Berry Blast sounds wonderful!

Life With Lauren said...

The Nutrilite Fruits & Vegetables 2Go Twist Tubes I think would be good to try!

Elle Sees said...

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tropical blast

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