Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toddler Talk Tuesday, Week 7

Toddler Talk Tuesday

I know this is late and I'm so sorry!! My new work schedule is insane and I'm still utterly exhausted from working 9 hours on Saturday. It really took a lot out of me getting to work at 6am!!

So this week I have a special treat for y'all - a bed time story by none other than Madi herself. :) (I recorded her and wrote this down word for word.)

"Once upon a time there was a brave kitty cat and a brave hand (??! I have no clue what she said) and one day they got captured in a snake's back! And one day they got locked out with a key (that means they got locked out with the snakes). And one day they found the ginger bread house that was their's that they made a long time ago. The end."

Hope y'all sleep well tonight. :) Link up with me!


Unknown said...

hahaha this is too cute!

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