Sunday, November 18, 2012

Madi's 4th Birthday Party!

This past Saturday we celebrated Madi's 4th birthday with a Doc McStuffins party at our house. It was a total success! (I must add a HUGE thank you to my husband & Morgan for helping me with everything. They were awesome!)

image via

Doc McStuffins, for those of you without little kids, is a new show on Disney Jr about a little girl who takes care of injured stuffed animals and toys. It's actually a really cute show with fun characters and story lines. Madi absolutely loves it so a Doc party was definitely in order! Unfortunately for me, since it's such a new show, there were very little ideas/pictures online. So, all of these ideas below are pretty much mine! I'm kind of proud of myself, because party planning/decorating of any kind are NOT my forte.

In this post I'll just show you all the decorations. Come back later to see the party pics!

Stethoscopes & Name Tags for the guests to wear when they arrive.

Party favors - A Big Book of Boo Boos, stethoscope, 
band-aid cookie, thermometer, & a clip-board.

Food table


Heart-shaped PB&J and turkey & cheese

To be continued... :)


Unknown said...

These are some SUPER cute ideas!! I love the name tags, food names, and stethoscopes!

Jennifer said...

I love this idea. Emma likes seeing Doc come on TV too.

Chamley said...

I love this idea! Happy Birthday Maddie!

Amber said...

Girl, you did awesome! Everything is so cute, and I'm especially loving the little name tags and stethoscopes!

Caramella said...

What a nicely organized party, you are not disorganized at all. I had a birthday party a few weeks ago and it was so messy, it took me days to clean up! Those sandwiches make me hungry! Next time you have a party let me know and I'll get on a plane:) I am following you from Rome. I will tell my mom to follow you from Sicily she is
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

What an adorable party! Of course, I had no clue who Dr. McStuffin was, but what a super cute idea. I love at home parties. Seems like there are so many destination parties these days.

Unknown said...

Fabulous! Where did you find the stethoscopes?

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