Sunday, February 24, 2013

ER Drama 2013

As many of your know this past week has been rough in the Morris household. Madi has been sick since Tuesday and we're praying it's almost over. She had a fever Tuesday and Wednesday so I took her to her pediatrician Wednesday afternoon. She diagnosed her with a sinus infection and prescribed an antibiotic. We've been giving Madi the antibiotic but she has had multiple fevers every day even still. Her fevers were getting higher, up to 103*, on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. I'm very cautious and wanted to rule out the flu so we took her to the ER last night. They checked her for the flu and pneumonia. She was negative for both, thank goodness. The dr just said it's upper respiratory (viral) which is why the antibiotics aren't helping. We just have to keep her rested and full of liquids. She seems to be doing fine today (no fever!) so I'm just hoping tonight she stays fever-free too.

The ER visit probably warrants it's own post. My child is not a fan of nurses. Some of you may remember my post a few years ago when Madi TORE UP the sheet on the dr's table from kicking so hard. (I couldn't find it but it's in the archives somewhere.)

(If you make it through this whole post, you deserve a cookie.)

Well, last night she reverted to that. The nurses needed to get her pulse but she did not want that thing on her finger (looked too much like a finger prick-thingy). Keep in mind she had a 103* fever, it was midnight and she was very sick -- So, they tried putting it on her finger, then tried putting it on her toe all the while Madi is screaming at them "GIVE ME MY FINGER BACK!!!!" "I DON'T LIKE THIS NURSE!!" "SOMEBODY HELLLPPPP MEE!!!" Oh my it was hard not to laugh at some of the things she was saying BUT here's my commentary - She's breathing. Is it really that necessary to get her pulse?? Anyway, after that trauma they had to take her temperature. Now, it's the 21st century, right? We have thermometers that can read your temp in 1 second. This huge, popular, million dollar hospital still uses the regular thermometers that have to go under your tongue for 2 minutes. Insane. Anyway - so here is this nurse trying to stick a foreign object in my child's mouth. She's never had her temp taken that way. We do under-arm. So back goes the screaming and pulling on the nurse's shirt and kicking. We do this for a good 10 minutes and then she starts to cry that she has to pee. At this point I'm annoyed at the nurse's for putting her through this but then they tell her she can't go to the bathroom until we take her temperature. And now a nurse is rolling her eyes and huffing and puffing and throwing her hands in the air.

Now, I'm not a confrontational person, but any mama knows when it comes to someone messing with your babies - especially your sick babies - you can go country on their butts. So I went straight country and blessed this lady out. Okay, not really blessed her out but I said something along the lines of  "I am sure this is not the first 4 year  old that has not cooperated before and she has to pee! I'm taking her to the bathroom NOW. There is no need for your attitude. My child is SICK." Grrrr I was mad. I got up and walked right out of there. And then the dang lady wanted to get a urine sample from my poor screaming child! Are you serious right now?!!!

SO after the bathroom we still had to get M's temp. I wanted this because she was burning up and knew it was important to know how high it was. So, they had to take it rectally. She is still screaming and crying and now screaming "YOU'RE BREAKING MY ARM!!!!" So the eye-rolling nurse is holding Madi's legs so the other nurse can take her temp and she POPS my daughters behind a few times and says calm down. Now I don't know about you but that caught me so off-guard that I didn't say anything. It wasn't a hard pop, but still, I just don't even know how I feel about that. I am not still a little shocked. This nurse needs to get herself in a better suited profession, if you ask me.

So, that's our midnight-3:30am hospital visit story.

That hospital sends us a survey after every visit and I am anxiously awaiting my opportunity to describe the ridiculousness of this all.

But I am comforted knowing Madi doesn't have the flu and hopefully she will feel better soon.

What would you have done in my situation? Got any similar doctor horror stories?

Now, go get that cookie.


Rorie said...

Omgoodness I would have been asking to speak to their charge nurse to complain. That is unreal!

Jacquie said...

Oh my goodness! I would have flipped when they popped her! I am SURE they have had to deal with kids before and they were VERY unprofessional!

Unknown said...

She popped her?! WHOA. I don't even do that to McK!

Glad she's better though!

Kristin said...

Are you serious?! The nurse popped her....SO BEYOND uncalled for. I hope you got her name somewhere and can include it in the survey/report the hospital sends you. My mom's a nurse and she would have NEVER done that. I would've flipped out if I saw her do.

Hope she feels 100% soon!

Nikki said...

SHE DID WHAT???!! NOOOOO!! At that point I would have told her to remove her hands from my child and bring in a more qualified nurse! I'm sure you handled it much better than I would have, they probably would have swept me up to the psych ward for the things I would have done to that woman.

However, I am glad Madi is okay!

Life With Lauren said...

Wow that is crazy! I am glad she is okay and feeling better.

Amber said...

Oh my gosh, the way the nurses acted is totally inappropriate! I hate that Madi had to deal with that while she was feeling so awful. I hope she's better now! <3

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