Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recipe Overload

I have been on a pinterest-trying kick this week! I have a few recipe reviews for y'all tonight. :)

Tuesday night I decided to make the mini lasagna's I've seen all over Pinterest lately. It's won ton wrappers in a cupcake pan with marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, mozz cheese, and I chose to add ground beef.

I was supposed to layer the won ton wrappers, because well, DUH, it's lasagna. That light bulb did not click with me until I was finished making them so these are more like lasagna muffins. :)

Result - These were really good; however, I'm sure they will be even better done the right way! The only negative thing is that they don't reheat well. Also, next time I will fold down the corners of the won ton wrapper on top because it literally cut my gums from being so sharp and crispy! This is one of the few dishes that *both* Justin & I enjoyed!

Before baking - last step was to put the won ton wrapper on top of each one.

Pinterest pic is showing up huge on here so here is the direct link.

Last night, I made "Melt in your mouth chicken breast." It's just greek yogurt, parmesan cheese, garlic powder, seasoning salt, and pepper mixed together and then spread on the chicken. I didn't have any seasoning salt so I left that out. 

Result - Once again, hubby & I loved this! The chicken was delish!! My only hang up was that I couldn't really get it crispy. Next time, I think I will put less of the spread on the chicken. It really was awesome though and reheats really well.

Mine :)

Tonight, I of course wanted to make something for Valentine's Day. I chose the "Brown Sugar Valentine's Day Blondie." This uses Valentine's Day colored M&Ms and your basic baking ingredients with LOTS of brown sugar and vanilla extract. :) 

Result - It's M&Ms and loads of sugar, how do you think it was? Ha, this was amazing. Super rich, so I only ate a tiny piece. I really made this because I knew it would be fun for Madi to help me. I let her pour in the M&Ms and then sprinkle them on top and she really enjoyed it. 

Yes, I still use the fork method to check if it's done...

Which recipe do you want to try? Any recipes I need to try?

:) Happy V Day!


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