Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Madi T Update

I cannot believe it's already May!! Partially because the year is flying by and partially because it's still not miserably hot and humid! We have a few fun things going on this month. Madi and I are going to Carowinds this Saturday. We are super excited! My company does an employee appreciation family event every year and it's always lots of fun...and free. :) Madi is especially excited because she is finally tall enough to ride the (kiddie) roller coaster. She definitely has my dare-devil gene. :)

Her dance recital is also this month!!! She started taking a tap & ballet combo class in September and has really enjoyed it. She doesn't care for tap much, but loves ballet. Today was picture day in her costume and her recital is in a few weeks. I cannot wait!! I have been looking forward to this since I signed her up. She did so great at her first recital. I'm anxious to see how much she's learned!

Make-up & curls!! 

Ready for pictures!!

In other news, that innocent face is currently crying in her bed because she hates to sleep just as much as I do. I'm starting to think she's never going to fall asleep...

Oh man now the "I want my mommy" has started. Heart. Breaking. Now. 

Later friends.


Angie said...

How cute she is in her costume! I can't wait to see recital pics :)

Jennifer said...

OMG she is too cute in that costume!

Unknown said...

She looks precious! She is totally opposite of McK, who is afraid of all the rides!

Life With Lauren said...

She is so adorable. Have fun at the recital.

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