Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quirky 'Ol Me

I am well aware that I am a very odd individual. I have quirks about me that really surprise some people. I figured it'd be fun to let you all in on some of these. If nothing else, it'll give you a good laugh.  :)
  • I cannot stand to touch carpet/rugs with wet feet. That includes carpet on boats. Pontoons = nothankyou. The memory foam rug is my favorite invention.
  • If I'm really looking forward to something (usually dinner - oink, oink) but have other things I need to do, I make myself do them first. So, even if my food is hot and ready I'll still take a shower and clean the house before eating. It's super annoying.
  • I have to sleep with hair over the ear that is away from the pillow. I once heard about a bug crawling into a lady's ear while she slept and ever since then I've been incredibly paranoid.
  • The way I check to see if I've gained weight is by seeing if there is still a gap between my thighs. Who needs a scale?! 
  • I eat M&Ms is by biting the shell and then letting the chocolate melt in my mouth. :)
  • Hotel beds give me the absolute creeps. The comforter cannot at all touch my skin. I have to bring my own pillow and I always check for bed bugs.
  • I vacuum like 1523558 times a week. And I vacuum hardcore. Having clean carpet is way more important to me than having a clean bathroom. (Although, that's pretty important too.)
Funny thing - Paul has weird quirks too. (If anything touches his neck he freaks out {including his shirts, I must add}, all lids on bottles in the bathroom have to stay closed, he can't touch his eyeballs, he listens to Enya before going to bed...probably wasn't supposed to tell y'all that last one...) ;)

What are some strange things you do or don't like??


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