Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

"I wish it was Sunday every day!"

Those are the words of Madi after our awesome day today. We went to church and then I took her to her first art "class." We went to Art Smart Academy for "Paint Me a Story." The art teacher reads the kids a story and teaches them how to draw a character from the book. They also get a snack. It was SO much fun! Madi had a blast. She love love loves to paint/draw/color - anything artsy so this was right up her alley. Thanks goes to a friend of mine for telling us about this place!

The story was "The Grumpy Ladybug" so the class learned how to paint a ladybug. I was very impressed with the instruction and Madi really did a great job listening. Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon. If you have an art studio near you, I highly recommend giving it a try with your kids. It's such a fun, rainy day activity!

Before class started

My girl & me

Working on that ladybug!

Beautiful artist!

Snack time!

Finished product!

What do y'all do on rainy days? 


Anonymous said...

She's so talented!!! That looks like a cool place to go!

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