Thursday, July 11, 2013

22 more days...

until my birthday!!! Wahoo!

I'm not one of those people who celebrates the whole week of my birthday, but I do thoroughly enjoy a good celebration on my favorite day of the year.

In case my parents or a certain boy are reading this, or just anyone who cares to spoil me, here are some things I'd love to receive for my birthday! :)

State T-Shirt - I NEED this in my wardrobe. I live in t-shirts and this one is perfect. Another plus, part of the purchase price goes towards MS research. Small, SC (duh), grey please and thank you.

Monogram T-Shirt - Why yes, another t-shirt. I may as well have cute ones, right? I love these monogram pocket tees. Casual yet still stylish. :) Small, any color (just not white or grey please), Empire font. 

iPhone Case - Okay, I don't really need this. The last personalized case I bought is still holding up just fine but this one is cute. So, if someone just really wants me to have it, I wouldn't complain. iPhone 5 Vibe case, any colors, just my first name. 

Michael Kors purse - I would looooove a new MK purse. My favorite designer by far! 

Gift cards would be nice too - food places or gas cards! I travel a lot these days and y'all know I'm always eating out. :)

I can't believe I'll be one year closer to 30! 


Anonymous said...

Man you're getting old!

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