Monday, August 12, 2013

Spontaneous Monday Date Night

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Tonight Madi & I made a spontaneous decision to go see the new movie, Planes. I suggested we go to the pool, but Madi had her heart set on the movie. Before the movie we grabbed dinner at Tropical Smoothie. This has quickly become one of our preferred places to eat. Finding food M will eat is a rare occasion so when we find somewhere, I stick with it! (However, I must say it's really annoying/strange that they no longer sell sweet tea, or unsweetened for that matter. It can't be a health-conscious reason because they still sell soft drinks.)

After dinner, we stopped by the gas station to get some snacks for the movie. Madi picked out candy corn and I got junior mints. 

We saw Planes in 3D - the glasses are always a hit! 

I was trying not to be too obvious with the flash...

So, about the movie - Madi & I were not very well entertained. Thirty minutes in Madi said she was bored. Granted, she wasn't feeling great and was tired but I was pretty bored too. We both laughed a few times, but ultimately it was just a copycat plot from Cars. I mean, yes, it's a kids movie and the plot isn't typically the reason kids go to movies, but we were both disappointed. I didn't see the end because we left about 15 minutes before it was over - Madi's throat was hurting & she was too tired to stay. 

I would definitely save your $20 and rent this one on redbox. The younger kids may enjoy the planes and bright colors, but I don't think this one will hold older kids' attention.

Seen any good family movies lately? Have you seen Planes? What did you think? 


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