Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Never Ever Ever...

The Vintage Modern Wife: Never Ever Ever Link Up

Never ever ever...

  • will I eat vegetables. Get. Over. It.
  • should a grown woman wear a romper. Rompers are for babies, toddlers, young children. That's it. 
  • will I trust someone who doesn't like chocolate. No, really.
  • will I stop posting tons of pictures of my daughter. Hopefully it doesn't drive people crazy, because I do it more for me than for anyone else.
  • do people at Wal-Mart not get on my nerves. Move your dang buggy out of my way! Gr! 
  • can you have too many t-shirts. 
  • can I believe Madi is about to start Pre-K!!!! 

Link-ups are fun! :) 


Leah D said...

Totally agree with the whole chocolate thing!

Life With Lauren said...

For sure on the t-shirts and Walmart. Her pictures are always so adorable. Hope you have a great week.

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