Monday, August 19, 2013

What makes you giddy?

Madi started her second year of dance tonight. She is taking ballet/acrobatics combo class this time. It really worked out well because she wanted to take ballet & gymnastics, but (a) I'm not made of money (b) I'm not ready to commit to two nightly activities at the age of 4 & (c) she has a trampoline at her dad's house - I don't need to pay someone to let her jump around. Okay, C may be a bit harsh. I know they learn other things, and if she wants to take it in a few years, I will definitely let her. But, right now I'm thankful for the combo class!!

This year, Madi started dance at a new studio. We really liked the studio she went to last year but the ballet/tap combo class was full when I called to sign her up, and the class time was too early in the afternoon. People work ya know! So, since we've moved, it kind of made since to switch studios anyway. She is now going to Dance One which is actually the same place I danced at for 4 out of my 5 years of ballet. It was really fun to go back there and talk to the owner again. She remembered me! I was pretty surprised, considering that was well, a LONG time ago. It's just really fun to be able to tell Madi I danced in the same room she is dancing in now.

Madi LOVED dance class tonight. I mean love love loved it!! She said she even loves it more than me! That hurt a bit but, at least I'm getting my moneys worth. :) They learned how to tumble today. Her demonstration after class about gave me a heart attack. I thought she was going to break her neck! They also used the ballet bar!

Okay now I'm just being annoyingly giddy about my little girl growing up. I digress... after a few pictures.

Love this face!

that belly cracks me up :)


Unknown said...

Super cutie! Glad you found the combo class for her!

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