Wednesday, August 21, 2013

EdVenture Excitement!

Wow! This is my 500th blog post! What on earth did I write about 499 times?? 

Seriously though, I am sure 498 of those posts were silliness. This one will be no different. 

It's Wednesday and I am just now getting around to recapping my weekend. Shameful. 

Paul & his sweet daughter Addison came to town. I was able to get Madi on Saturday (it was Justin's weekend) so we could take the girls to EdVenture. It was a rainy day so an indoor activity was a must! 

I posted about the children's museum before, when I wasn't very pleased with it. [I tried to find the post, but searching through 499 posts is not something I can do. I didn't label it so it's not being found.] Anyway, I wasn't pleased with EdVenture last time we went but they have really revamped the place and I approve now! 

So, Paul, the girls, Paul's mom, sister & her husband, and me all went to EdVenture. It was a blast! The girls had so much fun playing with all the different set-ups. They had a veterinary hospital, a grocery store, a restaurant, a construction site, a fire truck, and so many other exhibits. I think the vet & the grocery store were the favorite! 

The girls playing dentist

Madi grocery shopping

Cooking some lunch

There is also a really huge "kid" with a playground inside of him. Madi is always too scared to climb up to the brain but always wishes she did when we leave! I thought for sure the girls wouldn't want to leave the playground/kid so we saved that for last. Addison didn't really enjoy it and Madi only did after I convinced her to go down the slide. I think the kid being so big was just a bit intimidating!

After EdVenture we all went to Mellow Mushroom for lunch. They have such good pizza!! Addison & Madison (tongue twister!) had fun drawing and being silly. 

At Mellow Mushroom

The day was a big hit! I can't wait to get the girls together again! 

What's your favorite rainy day activity to do with kids?


Christine Rosko said...

Yay! Congrats on 500 posts! I love landmarks like these. Here's to 500 more :)


Mrs. Bunnie Qualley said...

what a cool place!!

XOXO Bunnie

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