Tuesday, September 17, 2013

16.5 hours of sleep later...

Well, I did go to Target over the weekend. Turns out, when your best friend becomes a mom & you have girl's night it's spent at Buy Buy Baby & Target. I'm not complaining though. We bought some things we desperately NEEDED. 


We also bought make-up and other exciting things like a shower curtain liner & lotion. :) 

We were really excited about our lotion actually. We got the Jergens Natural Glow Firming lotion. I know the glow part works because I've used it for years. I'm anxious to see if the firming part work. It's supposed to reduce the look of cellulite. Not that I, a mother, have any of that. Ha.

I stayed at Carrie's house Saturday night. I needed extra W time.

Sunday morning Carrie, baby W & I went to church at NewSpring. I absolutely love that I can go to my church almost anywhere in SC. I got this awesome shirt there. I'm pretty excited about it.

After church Carrie & I got our nails done and then she had to go to work. We had a great weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed a relaxing time with my BFF! 

Oh and did I forget to mention that on Friday evening I went to bed at 5:30 and didn't get up until 2:30PM on Saturday? 



Huggies and Heels said...

I love our new lotion! I've been putting it on my face too, and so far, so good!

Unknown said...

Do they sell shirts online? We wear ours ALL of the time!!

I LOVE those shoes from Target. SO CUTE!!!

Amber said...

Girls' weekends are the best!

Love those leopard flats, and baby W is presh!

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