Thursday, September 26, 2013

To the Olympics...

we are not going!

I am 100% guilty of bragging on my daughter. I think it's just an unavoidable mom trait. She is very smart and extremely witty. She can draw way better than I can. She is a great ballet dancer and she has an excellent memory.

One thing I will not brag on is her gymnastics abilities. My poor child. Gymnastics is just not her thing. Now, she's only had 3 classes but I don't lessons will help. ;) At least it is good exercise!

I'm joking. Slightly. Just watch this video. You will laugh. I can promise you that!


Huggies and Heels said...

Hahahaha! Sweet Madi. At least she looks beautiful while trying. You can't have it all, kid. :)

Unknown said...

aww she was trying! haha

Unknown said...
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