Thursday, October 31, 2013

My butt hurts.

This is going to be a super brief post because I am worn out. I've been sitting on the couch for so long that my butt hurts. Like bad. In my defense - I've been working. I wasn't just eating and watching TV. (I was doing that too…but add working in there and that sounds so much more acceptable.)

Anywho, I'm going to join in on the Friday 5 because that just looks like fun. Now maybe I'm blind but I can't find the code for the link-up button so here's the link and below is the pretty little picture.

1. Saturday we are celebrating Madi's 5th birthday! Her party is going to be at a local park. The theme is butterflies/nature so we will be doing a scavenger hunt and of course playing on the playground. Her actual birthday isn't until the end of the month but November seems to be THE month for birthdays so I had to claim the date early!

2. Paul and Addison are coming tomorrow!!! Madi and I are so excited! It's only been two weeks since I've seen them but it feels like forever. We don't have any plans except for Madi's party so I'm thinking the girls will get in a lot of play time and Paul and I will get in a lot of relaxing. Here's to hoping!

3. Crap, I didn't think this through. I had two topics ready to go but I suppose I need 5. Tomorrow is Friday. That deserves a # all it's own. Longest week ever.

4. I do not feel like making 48 cupcakes tomorrow. I wish I was rich. $30 for cupcakes wouldn't seem like a lot if I was rich. Instead, I must spend my "relaxing" Friday night making $9 cupcakes. 

5. I'm hungry. Not just right now. All the time. Like constantly. I drink lots of water these days so scratch that comment you were about to write. I am going to be the size of a whale by the end of the week if something doesn't change.


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