Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Snapshots

This past weekend was really great. I'm sad it's over but glad it's already almost Wednesday!

Friday night Madi and I picked up a pizza, made a pallet on the floor, and watched The Wizard of Oz. This was the first time Madi's ever seen it. She said she liked it but I don't really think she paid much attention to it after the first few minutes. I personally, cannot believe I ever used to love that movie. I find it very boring now! It was fun having a girl's night with my mini-me. We definitely need to do it more often! 

Saturday morning we stopped by my friend's house to visit for a bit. Madi, Baker, and Preston had a great time playing and it was nice to catch up with Jessica!

That afternoon I took Madi to her good friend Rylee's birthday party at the YMCA. She had a really good time at the party and didn't want to leave! Saturday evening we went to dinner with Pop. We were majorly overdue for some Pop time! 

These pictures just warm my heart. I love seeing them together.

We ended our very busy Saturday by Paul coming in to town! Paul took off a few days from work so he could spend some time with us. So sweet!

We did a lot of eating at great restaurants (Zoe's Kitchen, Lizard's Thicket, BWW, Cook Out, and of course, Zaxby's). Yes, those are our definitions of great restaurants. Leave the small portions, high prices, and fru-fru names for someone else. 

We took some naps and played some board games (Clifford & Candy Land, of course), watched some football and did some shopping too! Paul left this morning so he could get back to work tomorrow. Super sad! And I just realized we didn't take any pictures this weekend at all. What the heck! Not acceptable! I'll make up for that next week. :) 

Happy weekend. 8 days until Madi turns FIVE and 8 days until I get to see BPC again! :) 


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