Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Clemson & the Woods


This past weekend was SO much fun!


I took the day off of work on Friday, so I drove up to Virginia Thursday night after work. Let me just tell you – I’m surprised I’m alive today. That drive SUCKED. Like major. It rained the entire trip, but not like pouring rain, more like annoying drizzling rain. The traffic was pretty bad too.

Friday morning Paul had to work so I slept in. We really didn’t do much at all until that evening. We went to a local restaurant for appetizers and then went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Clemson vs. Ohio State game. Clemson won of course!!


We left at halftime though since we had to be up the next morning at THREE AM. I am not made for that mess. J But it was well worth it. Paul has been asking me to go hunting with him so I went, on the last day of the season. It was actually really fun and I will definitely go with him again!


I planned on giving you all the play by play but I don’t feel like typing all that. Quick highlights - it was 17*, I had to pee once we got in the woods, they were real woods. 

Search hashtag PBHunt2014 on twitter & Instagram to read some pretty entertaining stuff. Also try p&bhunt2014 because I used that before realizing the & removes the hashtag. L really though… my tweets are awesome.


Needless to say after the hunt we just slept, got up for dinner, and slept some more. Then that morning my sweet boyfriend took me to breakfast before I had to hit the road. It was really a wonderful weekend! We always have fun together and this time was no different. We laugh more than I’ve ever laughed with anyone. And mushiness over! :)

OH and duh – he got a deer! I bring him good luck.

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