Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I want to have hair on my bottom!

I’m bringing Toddler Talk Tuesday back!!

I have some good ones today and this time I’m including some from Addi too!

(This was back in December) Madi & I were out to eat with my dad. He had carrots on his plate and told Madi that carrots make you turn orange if you eat a lot of them. He also had rice on his plate. Madi looked at it and asked “Does rice make you be a Chinese person?”
Oh we were rolling. Absolutely crying from laughing so hard. I blame Kai Lan for her connection of rice and Chinese people.

I was giving Addi a bath last time she was with us and I stepped out for a second to get a wash cloth. She yelled “I DON’T NEED PRIVACY!!!! Come back!! I don’t need privacy!!!” I thought that was so funny!!

 I don’t remember what I did but Madi said to me, “Mommy, you’re scaring the freaks out of me!”

 And my favorite – Paul asked Addison what she wanted to be when she grows up. Her response: “I want to have hair on my bottom!” HAHAHAHA!! Oh we were laughing so hard!! Still cracks me up!!

 What funny things do your kids say??? 


Unknown said...

These are great. My sister was watching my daughter (6) last weekend and they had cookie dough ice cream. My daughter asked to take out all the cookie dough and bake it so they could have cookies with their ice cream.

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