Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit spoke to me, so clearly, today during worship at church. He said to me - Madi is CURED. He also said to me that I haven't thanked God for that. I stopped and thought about it - I hadn't.

No doctor has declared her cured of Bronchiectasis but the Holy Spirit confirmed what I have suspected for almost a year now. She truly is cured. Two years ago she barely weighed 48 lbs soaking wet. As a then 8 year old girl her bones were protruding and she was constantly pale as a ghost. She could barely breathe and missed over 30 days a school each year for two years. She had to do a corticosteroid inhaler twice a day, a nebulizer treatment once a day, and vest therapy twice a day. She has not done ANY of those things in at least 9 months and has had NO respiratory issues. HALLELUJAH. Truly. When Madi was diagnosed, her doctor told us that she had an incurable illness that would be with her the rest of her life. He said the illness could affect her life expectancy. As her mother I immediately became fearful and saddened for her. She wouldn't be able to enjoy sleepovers without the embarrassment and hassle of taking her vest with her and her inhalers. She would have to pack an inhaler in her purse when she went to prom. She wouldn't be able to get a good life insurance policy when she got older (I'm an Insurance agent; I can't help that thought!). But you know what? What the doctor did not know was that our God is a MIRACLE WORKER. Madi may never be taller than 5 feet due to all the steroids she had to take as a child, but she WILL thrive and she won't have to be tutored at home from missing too much school and she won't have to live with this condition.

My little girl is just fine and she's going to be just fine. Even if she wasn't cured, I know God will always take care of her. But the peace and relief and comfort of her being healed from this illness is something to be celebrated and thankful for.

So today I am thanking and praising and worshiping God. Today and everyday. I may have let the distractions of raising a tween fog my vision but today the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to the blessings of God. GOD HEALED MADI. GOD IS A WAY MAKER, GOD IS A MIRACLE WORKER. And you know what? He can bring healing to your life too. It may not be in the same manner, but God is ALWAYS working and He is ALWAYS good. Lift up your worries and concerns and stresses to God and He will never let you down.

Happy Sunday, y'all!


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