Monday, July 26, 2010

"1, 2, ...4!"

So I know I said we were going to take it easy this weekend, but that didn't really happen. We had a great weekend, but I'm exhausted. I will spare y'all the picture of me but let's just say I don't think I'll ever forget to take my sunglasses off again.

On Friday night hubs & I had a date night. We went to see Salt starring Angelina Jolie. I loved it and have decided I want to be a CIA agent. She's seriously hardcore.

Saturday was a very busy day. My best friend from college came over that morning and we went to the pool for a couple of hours (culprit of my not so flattering sunglasses tan). My mom and hubs gave me some much needed girl time. I had so much fun catching up with Melanie and just relaxing by the pool. That afternoon, Justin and I took Madi to her cousin's birthday party. They had a pool and slip-and-slide set up for the kids which was great for them but I had had enough of the sun so I wasn't very thrilled. We let Madi play for a little bit and then quickly bribed her to go back inside. She had plenty of fun though and we learned she is a little dare devil!

Sunday started bright and early & was spent with lots of family, just the way Sundays should be spent! My step-sister and her family were here from out of town so we met them & my step-dad at Lizard's Thicket for breakfast. (Lizard's is a family owned SC restaurant, great Southern food!)

Later that night Madi T and I went over to my Uncle's house to have a cook-out and go swimming. Madi loves "jumping" in the pool and kept saying "1, 2, 4" even though I'm pretty sure she was doing that on purpose. She laughed every time she said 4 instead of 3. It was so cute!

Madi with her "Aunt" Morgan

My little fish & Me (okay I guess I'll cave. You can laugh at my "sunglasses.")

Playing with the noodles.

We took full advantage of summer time this weekend with lots of fun in the sun! It was perfect! What did you guys do this weekend? Any big plans for next weekend?


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