Sunday, October 17, 2010

Family Fun Weekend!

Wow, this weekend has been a blurr. I was off on Friday (you caught me, I wrote my FQF post the day before and anticipated wearing my jeans to work, whoops!) because Madi T was up all night. She has been sick for a few days and it bothers her the most at night. So, Friday we had a nice Mommy/Daughter sick day. I got a lot accomplished, including "deep" cleaning the house while M took her nap.  Then, since Madi was feeling better, hubs and I went on a nice little date.

Saturday was super busy!! Saturday morning we went to the fair with our new friends Amanda & Joel! Madi rode her first ride at the fair-the tug boat!

I rode it with her and was really surprised at how fast it went and that she didn't get scared or sick. She obviously has her mommy and daddy's tolerance for rides: we never get motion sick and are always up for a thrill! (Minus the fair for hubs but that's another story.) This was unfortunately the only ride Madi got to ride at the fair. :( She was about 4" too short for everything else. What totally baffled me though was that she was able to ride the tugboat that goes pretty fast and turns in every direction, but she couldn't ride the train that went about 2 mph around an oval track. Hm. I'm stumped on that one, but whatever!

Our friends were really good sports about making this an "all about Madi" fair trip! After the tugboat she and Justin got to ride on an elephant!!! Madi loves elephants so this was really cool! Justin said she wasn't scared at all and didn't even hold on (eck, I was cringing the whole time-it was really high!)!

Please ignore the random girl...

We also went to the petting zoo and she got to feed the animals. Then we went to the agriculture event to get free millk! It was really funny - Amanda was so excited that they were giving away free milk. She took Madi with her and they both got some chocolate milk & I'm pretty sure it made their day! 

Madi and her new best friend, Amanda. 
J & I still can't beleive Madi warmed up to her like this. Madi rarely ever lets other people hold her and definitely not someone she just met. We decided Amanda is the baby whisperer! 

Oh and of course we ate LOTS of food (elephant ears, Fiske french fries, cotton candy...) The boys were on the hunt for some chocolate-covered bacon, but thankgoodness they didn't find any! We all had a great time at the fair and I can't wait to go again next week and actually ride the rides!!

Saturday afternoon Melanie and I hung out at my house and then went on a never-ending search for picture day attire. We went to 5 stores trying to find brown Mary Janes for Madi and ended up having to go to Lexington (about 15 minutes away) to get them. Then we had dinner at my favorite place, Chili's! It was a fun night!

Today was picture day!! Unfortunately Madi & I both woke up with very sore throats but we both managed to get through the morning just fine. I can't wait to see the pictures from today. Madi looked adorable and this was our first time geting professional family photos taken!

I snapped this "kodak moment" wiile waiting on the photographer to arrive.

Wow, sorry that was such a long post! I hope you all have a great week! I have to work LOTS of overtime this week, but hopefully it won't be too bad! Xoxo!



Ruth said...

Glad you had fun at the fair.

Kelly said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Your daughter is too cute :)

Shari said...

Looks like a fun weekend!

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