Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Fun Saturday!

I'm writing this post in hopes that this is not actually the end of my weekend. Tonight we are expecting about an inch of SNOW!! And about 2-4 inches tomorrow!!! Sooo, as we like to do it in the South, everything shuts down with the slightest mention of a snowflake. I'm praying my work follows this rule tomorrow!

We had a great weekend though! Saturday was family day! Justin and I took Madi to EdVenture Children's Museum! She had a wonderful time, but was a bit scared of the giant kid that actually has a playground inside of him. We skipped that and headed straight for the grocery store, which I knew she would love! And we went to a bunch of other exciting rooms filled with things for her to play with and discover!

This is very fitting considering she has been telling me she wants "her own car" for Christmas next year. Specifically, one "she can drive" and she wants a big car at that. Ha! I told her maybe in 14 years!!

We also had fun seeing the camel in "Africa!" 

Madi loved playing hockey!

I will say though that as a parent who has been greatly looking forward to taking my daughter here, I was a bit disappointed. She had a blast, don't get me wrong but the rooms and things for them to play with were incredibly run-down and old. If I am paying almost $9 a person (& that's with a military discount) then I expect fairly new, clean fun for my child. Am I being too harsh? Maybe. But I think the reason is because I think the concept is fantastic and I just wish it was a bit nicer so I would feel like I was getting my monies worth. 

Regardless, my toddler did not notice the out-dated toys and now has many memories of riding on a fire truck, tractor, and sliding down a slope in the snow! Overall it was a great day spent with my two favorite people!

This was a long post so I'll make Sunday a separate post later on! Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow if I'm off! (crossing fingers!)


Ruth said...

What fun way to spend Saturday.
We already have at least 2 inches of snow on the ground in north MS and it shows no signs of stopping.

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