Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day & Sunday B&E

I got my wish!!! No work today and tomorrow we go in late! We woke up to about 2-3 inches of snow and now have at least 4-5". It's beautiful and actually looks like real snow for once, instead of that fake SC snow!

Now, since I do actually have time - Sunday recap!

I went up to Greenville to visit Carrie. We went to NewSpring in Anderson, and then ate at Red Robin, my fav. After, we went to Barnes & Noble and she picked up a wedding organizer and calendar. I can't wait to start helping her plan!! Then we headed back to her house to play Kinect. Little did we know we were about to become not-so masterminded criminals! :)

A little breaking & entering never hurt anyone, right?

B&E: Step 1

B&E: Step 2 - Desperate times call for desperate measures...

Success! The window was open!

Can't forget the evidence purse!

This was quite the adventure! There were a few more steps involved, but I didn't have my phone with me then. Carrie works at her apartments so we went there to get a spare key and long story short, we had to "break-in." It was soooo funny and things like this always happen when we get together! 

It was great getting to spend time with her on Sunday. Madi spent the day with her grandparents, and Justin spent the day resting. We all had a great weekend!

And this is what we will be doing the remainder of the day:

Did y'all get snow? How much? 


Suze said...

I'm near the upstate and i have over 6 inches! I love newspring at anderson!!!! I wish i would have known! I would have loved to met another blogger! Hope you and your fam stay warm on this snowday :)

Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

I am in Spartanburg county & we've got about 8 inches. It's sleeting now but they say we may get another 2-4 inces of snow today! This is our very own winter wonderland. Love your's super cute. And I went to NewSpring in college...great church!

Ruth said...

We got 4 inches in North, MS. About the only place it has melted so far is the streets. So off to work I go tomorrow.
Sunday sounds like an adventure. My bestie & I always get lost in the wrong part of town we go out of town together.

Greer's Gossip said...

Love your blog!!! I also live in Anderson and go to Newspring!!

lila Braga said...

it looks soooo cold!
love your posts and your blog is fab. too!

Kelly said...

Wow, look at all of that snow!! Your home looks so adorable :-) Looove the pictures of you and your friend breaking into the apartment (cute coat in the picture too!) Justin and Madi look like they have the life (how is he doing btw?)

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