Monday, March 14, 2011

Just A Few Things...

I meant to update y'all sooner, but have just been slack, to put it bluntly. :)

Justin's MUSC visit did not give us the results we were hoping for. He did not have any major seizure activity while we were there (yes, the whole 7 days!!! And I swear he had a petite mal (absent) seizure today at work but that's how things work right?!). The doctors wanted us to stay 10 days but we both decided that was just too long to be away from Madi, our jobs, and way too long to be stuck in that tiny hospital room! They were going to send Justin home with an ambulatory EEG (just means he can take it home and do his day-to-day activities while the EEG is recording), but they did not have any devices available so we are going to set that up in the near future. As of now that is where we are with this and until we can get some seizure activity recorded on the EEG, we will not have any answers. Justin has a follow-up appointment with his neurologist in May, but even then I'm not sure that he can do much more for Justin. He has been on so many different medications already, hence the purpose of the Video EEG. We will see though...

Thank you guys so much for the prayers and thoughtful words of encouragement. We really appreciate it! Also, thanks so much for all of your motivating advice on my "Seeking Motivation" post. I was so happy to receive every single comment and really appreciate the advice. I will say that I am not going to go all gung-ho like I had planned. Lindsey suggested I take it one step at a time and I had actually thought about that too. I don't think she meant for me not to do any of it - which is how today has turned out! BUT, soon I will start counting calories, working out, or saying bye-bye to my diet coke. I haven't decided which one will be first yet but I will do them all eventually! Husband suggested that we start walking during our lunch breaks since we have a great park right next to our work, so we are going to start that tomorrow! I don't really count that working out though, but it is a step in the right direction.

Now for my favorite part of Mondays - Madi Moment Mondays!!

My sweet, precious girl has been so cuddly since we've been home. She is totally and completely the love of my life. The other day I was feeding her breakfast and I told her that mommy & daddy are her parents and she had this really confused look on her face and said "Macaws?"
HAHA! I busted out laughing! She thought I said parrots! Soooo funny! I just love her to pieces!!!

Hope that put a smile on your face on this sleepy Monday! :) Now get ready for THE BACHELOR!!!!! TEAM EMILY!!! Let's tweet about it - Brittan27!! I cannot wait!!!!


Neely said...

Tweetin the bachelor!!! I hope I can make it!

Shari said...

Madi is too cute!

Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...
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Britt @ The Adventures of Josh and Britt said...

oh my word that is priceless! Praying for Justin! Go team Emily!!

Anonymous said...

Praying for your family during this time. I can imagine it being frustrating and discouraging. Glad you're home with your sweet baby girl. Enjoy The Bachelor! YAY FOR EMILY! Although, the outcome, wasn't as perfect as the whole 6 week experience seems to be but I know they will be able to pull through since they are just too cute for words!

Anyways, talk to you soon friend =)
Chin up!


Kelly said...

Ahhh, I'm so sorry that the trip didn't have the results that you wanted :-( I would kind of feel like the 7 days was a waste, but hopefully you were able to take some good things from it all. Thinking of you guys, the best macaws out there! Hahaha :-)

Unknown said...

LOVE the picture - and her comment is precious!

Glad you decided to take it one step at a time. You can do it! :)

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