Friday, March 4, 2011

Remember, I'm sleep-deprived.

Whelp, no seizures yet. Oddly enough this is a bad thing. Every day, all day nurses walk in and out and say "no seizures yet? gotta have a seizure." It almost makes us feel guilty that he hasn't had one! So, in an attempt to bring on a seizure and get us out of this place a little sooner Justin & I are going to try and stay up as long as we can tonight. He tends to have more seizure activity when he's tired so hopefully this will work. They say they want him to have at least 3 and then we will get to go home. At this rate, I'm just hoping for 1.

My friend Caitlin came by tonight and kept us company. It was SO nice to have someone here to have girl talk with! Justin totally tuned us out. Haha!  I think he got bored with our Facebook stalking! :) Caitlin sat with Justin long enough for me to run downstairs and get us some edible food. Subway for dinner is way better than doughy pizza. BLEH! We both took one bite of the pizza last night and put it down. Luckily breakfast is better so we get at least 1 good free meal.

So, since I need to stay up I figured I would do this fun thing I saw on Neely's blog:

Top 5 Things I Can't Live Without
I take things very literal so this was difficult for me. Please note that I obviously can live without these things but these are basically things that I need daily to function sanely. Yes this side note is really just for my anal, OCD self. :)

Oh and remember, I'm sleep-deprived. That may explain a lot.

1. Mascara - 
I feel naked (na-ked, please do not think I am saying ne-ked) and just plain ugly without it. I actually have gotten so ridiculous with it that if I can't feel it on my eyelashes I have to re-apply. I told y'all I'm nuts.

2. Macs - 
I hate PCs. Husband is to blame for my Mac obsession, but seriously who on Earth would chose a pc over a Mac? Idk. Also, I am in love with my Macbook Pro that I got a week ago. Yes, it's the new one and I love it!!!

3. Diet Coke - 
If you want me to be nice, I need my Diet Coke. Especially in the mornings. I, for some reason, cannot drink water in the mornings. It makes me gag. I do not like coffee so my caffeine of choice is Diet Coke. I love this stuff and no, Diet Pepsi does not do the trick. (And I will not tell you that I recently bought 3 12-packs of Diet Coke just to get a free "I <3 Diet Coke" t-shirt.)

um, pink diet coke bottles?! yes please!

4. Jeans - 
I love jeans. I am definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I have a few favorite pairs of jeans and I could live in them. Seriously. jeans go with everything. Love.

5. Chapstick - 
Have you ever been stuck somewhere and your lips get really chapped and it's like pure torture until you get chapstick?! I hate that feeling. Seriously. Oh my gosh now I need some chapstick, not lip gloss or lipstick, but chapstick. It's seriously a necessity.

And of course the obvious things I didn't list like my faith, Madi, & Justin. Well, that and they aren't really things.

What about you? I want to know what 5 things you can't live without! Leave a comment or let me know you blogged about it! :)


Amber said...

First of all--O.M.G!

I have been absent from blog world lately as we were traveling and then catching up---and I miss everything going on with the hospital stays etc---BIG HUGS girl!! Definitely keeping you in my prayers and praying you can get answers and leave back to your sweet Madi very very soon!

Second of all---O.M.G. LOVE the new blog design! I need one so bad and may have to contact your designer, GREAT JOB!!

Here's to a good weekend!

Amber said...

Mascara and jeans! Yes, definitely a must. Good choices girl. I may do this too. :) Maybe tomorrow ;) I'll let ya know when I get my necessities posted!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say hi and let you know I am your newest follower. Love your blog! :)

Jen said...

Mascara, chapstick, jeans & diet coke are definitely must haves for me as well!
Thinking of you & your hubs <3

meghan said...

I most definitely cannot live without Diet Coke. For me, it is specifically diet cokes in Styrofoam cups that I love the most. I also cannot live without my new Macbook! So glad that I bought one's the best. A million times better than the school computer I was using as my personal computer! :)

Unknown said...

Definitely chapstick for me!

And my hubby is Diet Coke CRAZED - Pepsi just will not do!

Neely said...

Im so glad you did this...chapstick is sooooo necessary!

-Emily- said...

I can't live without Diet Coke, my Mac and mascara also! Gotta have them.

Ruth said...

I can't live without my jeans.

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