Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anniversary Trip!

December 29th was my 5th wedding anniversary! I was a bad blogger that week and totally slacked on posting about it. Husband came to my work with a dozen red roses and took me to a very nice lunch! Totally surprised me. :) This past weekend we took a trip to Chimney Rock/Lake Lure, NC to celebrate!

Sadly, we have only had one other trip away without Madi so this was really special. We stayed at a gorgeous inn with a great view of Chimney Rock.

View from our room - Chimney Rock

Justin ordered flowers ahead of time so they were in the room for me when we got there. They are my favorite color too. :)

This Inn reminded me of Lorelai's inn on Gilmore Girls. It was just so cute! Not quite a bed & breakfast, but not quite a hotel either. 

Friday when we got there we checked out the local shops and grabbed a lunch by the river. It was really like a ghost town! I figured winter + mountains = tourists but apparently that only happens if there is snow?! Turns out it was off season and they are crazy swamped with tourists in the summer. Anyway, it was nice being somewhere so quiet. Once we checked into the hotel room we didn't want to go try and find somewhere for dinner so we ate at the restaurant in the inn. Such a downer - kidding! We totally splurged and had an excellent, romantic meal. Justin got a filet mignon and I got chicken alfredo. I have pictures of course...

Saturday we planned on hiking Chimney Rock but turned out many of the trails were closed due to renovations and Justin's knee was acting up so that was a no go. We went to breakfast and then went to the mall to do some shopping and then drove to Asheville and walked around downtown. We had a nice dinner at a local restaurant, La Strada on Lake Lure. It was really good! 

The inn had a game room on the second floor with fussball, air hockey, and a pool table. Justin and I had so much fun playing games!! He is currently undefeated in air hockey which may or may not have made me really mad and I beat him once at fussball. He also taught me how to properly hold a pool stick so we had fun playing a game of pool too. 

It was such a nice, relaxing, fun weekend away from everything! We decided we want to make a trip to the Esmeralda Inn every year! I love the town, the inn, and the fun things to do! Next time we will most definitely go to the Biltmore House!

Here are a few more pics from the weekend. :)

Justin at the inn.

Grove Arcade in Asheville, NC

What's your favorite place to vacation?? Have you ever been to Chimney Rock?


Angie said...

What a wonderful Anniversary getaway! My 13 year is coming up & I'd really like to plan something special for the hubby & I. Our trouble is getting sitters so we will just have to wait and see how that pans out. I've never been to Chimney Rock but I have heard of it. I've always wanted to go to Biltmore too. Glad you all had such a lovely time. The inn looked stunning!

Happy Belated Anniversary to you both. Hope you have many more happy years together making memories :)

Unknown said...

I love Chimney Rock and Asheville - I lived there for 4 years! Your pictures make me miss it so much... it looks like you had a great time!

Christina said...

I haven't been to Chimney Rock in years. It is really pretty there. Glad you had a nice anniversary!

Erin said...

What a wonderful trip!! I love that area of NC. We were married not too far from Chimney Rock and my Dad lives in Hendersonville, NC now. Asheville is my favorite place for a getaway, plus it is only like a 2 hour drive from here! When go back, there is a little bakery called City Cafe Bakery in Asheville, they made our wedding cake, and everything they have is so yummy!!

Glad y'all had a nice anniversary!

Carrie said...

I can't believe you & Justin have been married 5 years already!! That Inn looks amazing!!

Shari said...

Glad you got to celebrate together! :)

tara said...

Looks like such a fun trip! :)

cailen ascher said...

what an awesome vacation! looks like you both had a fun time and, also, happy 5th anniversary!!! i was just married in november 2011, so we've got a ways to go before it's anniversary time : )

cute blog - i'm your newest follower

Ruth said...

Happy Anniversary!!! My bestie & her hubs celebrated their 10th the same day.
the trip looks like fun

Kara said...

New blogger and follower here! :)

Sounds like a great trip! Happy belated anniversary!

erica said...

Wow what a fabulous trip and how pretty are those flowers!!! xo

Unknown said...

Sounds relaxing... sounds PERFECT! :D

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