Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Not So Perfect Friday Night

Friday night was supposed to be a magical, wonderful, perfect evening out with my family. So, I picked M up early from her grandma's house and met Justin at Mellow Mushroom for some pizza before the circus!

Well, anyone with a toddler should have known better, but I have the world's most well-behaved kid, right? WRONG. Oh boy was I ever wrong. Justin had to take M out to the car for a talk while I waited on our food. We thought she was going to be good from then on, wrong again. I didn't even get to take a bite of my food and we wasted money buying her mac & cheese that she would not eat. So, I took her to the car and Justin got the food boxed up.

Before her ridiculous temper tantrum. 

My perfect evening turned into us going to the McDonald's drive thru for a happy meal and eating our cold pizza in the car. Am I the only one who doesn't have these glamourous family nights out? Because I feel like I am.

Despite Madi's behavior, we still took her the circus. We spent a good bit of money on the tickets and knew she would enjoy it. After buying $8 popcorn and $12 cotton candy we watched the show and had a great time. Madi was more intrigued by the numbers on her seat than the clowns dancing around, but still - we had fun! She was ready to go about 10 minutes before the show let out so we left early. Worked out, because we missed the rush and traffic.

Mommy and Madi <3

Watching the elephants and dancers!

All in all it was a hectic evening with a few hours of fun. So is the life of a toddler mom, right? :)


Tiffany said...

Oh girl, don't worry! You are so not the only toddler mom who goes through this.
We almost refuse to take S out to eat unless we have to for a family event because she ALWAYS acts out while we are at a restaurant.
It doesn't help much that Mellow Mushroom takes forever to send their food out. Atleast the one in our town does! But their pizza is awesome!
I'm glad that the rest of the evening was a hit though! It looks like fun!

Angie said...

You are for sure not alone! Taking my son out to a restaurant is begging for trouble. He always acts terrible.
Glad you all got to enjoy the circus though. At least 1/2 of your night was fun!!!

Kelly said...

Awww, sorry your night wasn't the best!! I have a feeling that you can plan and plan, but like you said, life with toddler is never 100% plannable ;-) Such a sweet photo of her watching the elephants and clowns though!

Impulsive Addict said...

Oh my word! She is adorable!!

I'm sorry about the mishap at the restaurant. We leave our 2 year old in the car when we go out to eat so we can have a date night.

I'm TOTALLY kidding. HA!

How can you stay mad at that cute face?

dreaming en francais said...

She is SO cute.. glad the night turned out for the better. Lovely blog xo


Unknown said...

There is no perfect anything. Don't forget that :) glad y'all had fun!

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