Friday, September 28, 2012


Dear Dictionary, You’re not very helpful when I have to keep looking up words from the previous definition. Dear Madi, I miss you SO much and can’t wait to come see you at lunch! Dear Coupon Suze, No one cares. Dear Netflixx, Thank you for providing my child with hours (yes, I’m that mom) of entertainment. BUT I’d be ever so grateful if you could discontinue Timmy Time and all other incessantly annoying shows. Dear Justin Moore, I love your new album. Thanks for getting my brother through a tough time. Dear ladywhoflippedmeofffornoreason, Why?!?!!? And I prayed for you btw. Dear Tim Cook, I love the new iphone 5. However, what is with the battery life?!?! Goal is to improve the next big thing, not make it worse.


Unknown said...

Who is coupon suze?! Who is Justin Moore? I love that you prayed for the flipyouofflady :)

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