Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I like candy.

Just some random thoughts going through my mind at the moment...
  • I keep socks under my pillow. You see, my feet are always cold at night but in the middle of the night they get hot. I take them off but they aren't really dirty so I just keep them under my pillow to put on the next night. Don't worry - I only do this 3 nights tops and then I get a new pair. 
  • Drinking tap water grosses me out a bit. I recently threw away a filter from my Brita pitcher but the new filters I bought don't fit. Now I have a pitcher but no filter. I still run the tap water through the filterless pitcher before I drink it. It some how makes me feel better.
  • I have candy around me almost constantly. I keep it in my nightstand and on my desk at work. I keep it in my car too. If I don't have candy or chapstick around I'm not a very pleasant person. Confession: I'm eating candy as I type this.
  • Winter sucks. I gain weight (no, it's not due to the candy. I eat it in the summertime too), the clothes are frumpy, can't wear flip flops, and it rains a lot. Bring on summer.
  • My neck itches like a bia. I've had this bump on my throat for like 2 weeks now. It's almost gone, healing I assume, and that's why it itches. Grrrrr.
  • Madi was flipping hilarious the other night. She thinks she's Mulan. (I've posted the video below for your amusement.) I really love how active her imagination has been lately. She plays mermaid teacher in the tub, Mulan recently, gave me a "bedtime ticket" to get into her room to put her to bed, and had pet mice the other day. 
  • My fan makes this obnoxious sound. I think it's about to break. I should have taken the sound machine from Carrie's house. Darnit. … (I just threw something at it to see if that would help, it didn't.)

I guess that's enough. I could keep going but I've gotta save some randomness for twitter.


MiaTheReader said...

Winter is terrible. How far south do we have to go?

MiaTheReader said...
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