Monday, May 5, 2014

Nights like tonight.

Nights like tonight make crying in the bathroom completely worth the pain.

Madi & I were both feeling lethargic and just not all that well this evening. As soon as we got home, I fixed her dinner and let her eat it in my bed while we watched a Barbie Mermaid movie. After she ate, we played Disney Guess Who and then she spent some time alone in her room while I ate dinner. Later, she joined me on the couch to watch Love It or List It (yes, the HGTV show!) and then I cuddled in her bed with her to put her to sleep.

She cried when I didn't let her sleep in my room but it was such an innocent, sweet cry. She just wanted her mama. I held her close and just assured her I'd be here. I told her how much I love her. That is the most important thing, I've found, to do - tell your children you love them all the time. Even if you think they know - say it anyway.

Those moments of feeling her chest go up and down on mine are what motherhood feels like. She makes my life so much more and I thank God for her every night.


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