Saturday, May 3, 2014

No one told me...

When I decided to have children, no one told me there would be times that I would lock myself in the bathroom and cry.

I've done that today. Quite a bit today actually. This whole single parent thing is TOUGH. Any one who has the option to share this task of raising a kid should totally succumb to that. 

I'm used to having my mom around to help me but she's been gone all weekend. I really can't imagine how moms with truly no one else to help handle it. And with more than one kid? Oh my gosh I'd just die. 

Of course there are plenty of good times with M but days like today make me get on my knees and pray. I prayed for patience. I prayed to be a better mother. I mean good moms don't have kids who sass them or pull on their legs and bang on their bedroom door even though mommy said 5 times that MOMMY needs a time out, right?? Right?

So. Today is a struggle. It's a struggle that I don't have someone to pass the parenting off to so that I can cool down. It's a struggle that I don't always know exactly what to do in these situations. It's a struggle that I'm fuming mad but at the same time I'm worried that my child is going to bed with an empty stomach.

First and foremost, I'm her mother. Good days and bad days, I love her to the moon and back and would do ANYTHING on this earth to protect her. But right now, she has to hurt in order to learn a lesson and I have to hurt because I'm teaching her a lesson.

Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow may have tears and it may not. But it will have love because we always forgive each other…after all, I'm the meanest mom in the world remember?


Anonymous said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel!!! I've been there. Hats off to you for being a single parent. I don't think I would be strong enough to do it on my own!! Keep your chin up - this too shall pass!

Unknown said...

Salute to your strength and sacrifice!! You are a wonderful mom. Lovely picture <3

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Happy Sunday!

Tracy J said...

I know how you feel!!! It just means your doing it right! Hang in there and your right tomorrow is another day!

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